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Abstract: An analysis of the impact of Ian Hamilton Finlay’s Stonypath on the the artist Eileen Hogan, with particular reference to her international touring exhibition based on Stonypath, shown at the New Art Centre, Wiltshire, the Fleming Collection, London, and the Yale Center for British Art, New Haven. An account of her earlier involvement with London gardens leads on to an investigation into her long association with Stonypath and Hamilton Finlay. Woven into the discussion is acknowledgement of Hamilton Finlay’s debt to the classical garden with its incorporation of temples and other conceits, as well as his referencing of the French Revolution, the Second World War, literary and pastoral allusions, puns and humour. Hogan’s response to these ingredients and her attention to the mood and langauge of both landscape and technique are evaluated.

Notes: The title of this book comes from the names of fishing boats which Hamilton Finlay attached to a series of bee-hives at Little Sparta, the name he eventually coined for the garden and all the objects within it, at Stonypath. The bee-hives are the subject of a key theme in Hogan’s exhibition. She has had 16 solo or two-person exhibitions. This current exhibition is a major event, its showing at Yale Center for British Art, a rare accolade for a living artist, as this is the most influential public institution connected with the promotion of British art in the United States.

Book Title: Bountiful UL 238 Sweet Promise FH 172 Golden Gain FR 59  |  Pages: 7-15  |  Publisher: The Fleming Wyfold Art Foundation  |  Publication type: Book chapter  |  Bibliographic status: Published | ISBN: 978-0-95706-900-8