Current - Bryanston Square


‘Four Squares’ is a series of 60 paintings and a portfolio of prints, exploring how spaces in the public arena are used and interpreted. It represents Hogan’s sustained study from 2000-06 of a quartet of historic London squares: Bryanston, Montagu, Portman and Manchester, and their hidden gardens.

Hogan maintained a rhythm of regular, often daily visits, during which she drew and painted looking outwards at the architecture through the foliage, documenting small changes in light as the seasons progressed and the different character and varying social interaction within the respective spaces. Returning repeatedly to the same vantage points, Hogan made over 100 drawings, paintings and prints which were individually self-sufficient, yet which also referred to one another, creating a larger entity from multiple units.


Hogan’s solo exhibition at The Fine Art Society was accompanied by a publication bringing together a rare combination of informed perspectives united by this project. Christopher Gibbs documented the social and architectural history of the area, an account brought vividly up to date with an essay by the present Lord Portman about his childhood introduction to the district. Rosalind Saville (Director of the Wallace Collection, Manchester Square) and the critic Robin Dutt contributed specialist views on Manchester and Portman Squares, while notes from Hogan’s research diary linked all the texts. – The Fine Art Society