Prof Hogan was born in London and studied at Camberwell School of Arts (1963–1967), the Royal Academy Schools (1967–1970), the British School of Archaeology at Athens (1970–1971) and the Royal College of Art (1971–1973). She is Professor in Fine Art in the C.C.W. (Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon art schools) Graduate School, University of the Arts London and a trustee of the Royal Drawing School. Eileen is represented by Browse & Darby, London. She is an advisor to and patron of Mindroom, a charity for children with learning disabilities.

Prof Hogan’s research explores the relationship between portraiture and biography using oral history as part of the methodology. It is also concerned with the various ways that artists engage with archives and the relationship between presence and absence.  Prof Hogan leads a research group at UAL called About Face where artists, theorists, curators and writers investigate the edges of portraiture. There have been a number of symposia and the themes that have emerged from these events relate to identity, the embodied self, vulnerability, exposure, possession, gaze, power and the archival inhabitation of the body. The group has developed a web-based learning resource that explores the boundaries of contemporary portraiture and was launched at the symposium at the National Portrait Gallery in July 2016, where artists and researchers explored the representation of exposure in their practice in the context of the works in the display.

“…Each garden is a concealed world of which the outsider gets a green veiled glimpse, each has in common areas for maintenance, recreation and repose. These intriguing spaces, which Eileen now shares with us, have inside them atmospheres and characteristics which even the most incorrigible snoopers can never sense, and unique vantage points from which to contemplate the surrounding architecture, its joys and woes…” – 2006

Christopher Gibbs - Fine Art Society

“The whole idea of presence and absence runs through all of my work. And when I am working on a series of pictures the memory of the place is as important as the place itself,” she said. “I find painting a way of expressing subtle and elusive emotions that I wouldn’t begin to know how to describe in words.” New York Times Profile

The New York Times feature on Eileen Hogan – “British Artist Explores Poetry of Light in Enclosed Spaces” Roderick Conway Morris.

  • Studied

    1971 -1974 Royal College of Art

    1970-1971 British School of Archaeology at Athens

    1963-1967 Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts

  • Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions

    2015    Eileen Hogan: Edges and Enclosures, Browse & Darby, London

    2014    Eileen Hogan at Little Sparta, the Stockwood Discovery centre, Luton Museums

    2013    Vacant Possession, NewArtCentre, Roche Court, Eileen Hogan at Little Sparta, Fleming Collection London

    2010    All England Lawn Tennis Club, Wimbledon

    2009    Romilly Saumarez Smith: bookbindings for Eileen Hogan Victoria and Albert Museum (and in 2010 at the Yale Center for British Art)

    2008    The Fine Art Society with Leonard Rosoman

    2007    Eileen Hogan’s Poetry Box San Francisco Center for the Book

    2006    Four Squares The Fine Art Society (also solo shows in 1997; 1993; 1988; 1986; 1985; 1982 and 1980).

    2005    Portraits, Power and Politics: Buckinghamshire County Museum

    2003    Poetry in Progress_ London College of Fashion Space;

    2000    The Fine Art Society (with Margaret MacDonald Casson)

    2000    Landscapes and Seascapes: Bourne Gallery: Edinburgh

    1999    Paintings, Prints and Books: University of Brighton Gallery and Bankside Gallery, London

  • Selected Group Exhibitions

    2016 BP Awards  at the National Portrait Gallery from 23 June – 4 September 2016, the Usher Gallery in Lincoln 12 September – 13 November 2016, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh and the New Walk Museum & Art Gallery in 2017.

    2015    “The Last of the Tide” group exhibition at The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace; Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

    2014    Of Green Leaf, Bird, and Flower”: Artists’ Books and the Natural World  Yale Center for British Art (keynote opening lecture); Browse and Darby: BP Portrait Award exhibition National Portrait Gallery; the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens; the Scottish National Portrait Gallery from 27 November – 12 April 2015

    2013    Royal Academy Summer Exhibition also 2011,2010,2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002.2001, 2000, ‘98, ’97, ’96, ’95, ’94 ,’93 , 92, 91, ’90, ’89,’88,’87,’86,’85,’84,’83,’82,’81’80.’78,’77,’76, ’74. Discerning Eye (invited), also 2007 (invited)2004 (invited), 2003, 2001 and 1990

    2012    BP Portrait Award: National Portrait Gallery, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter

    2009    BP Portrait Award: National Portrait Gallery, Southampton City Art Gallery and the Dean Gallery, Edinburgh

    2007    BP Portrait Award: National Portrait Gallery, Laing Gallery, National Portrait Gallery of Scotland

    2006    Unregulated Printing, Cambridge University re:INVENTING: ING Bank and the National Maritime Museum

    2005    Recent Acquisitions: Yale Centre for British Art: USA

    2004    The Writer and the Garden, British Library Re: MAKING: ING Bank, London

    2002    Processes of Renewal:  Toshiba Gallery, Victoria & Albert Museum, Singer Friedlander/Sunday Times Watercolour Exhibition Mall Galleries also ‘99,

    2001    Hunting Art Prizes also 2000, 1997, 1994 (highly commended)

    2000    Tullie House City Museum & Art Gallery Carlisle;

  • Selected Commissions and Awards

    2015 Artist-in-Residence The garden Museum

    2012 Olympic Artist (tennis); Arts and Humanities Research Council Award Transforming Artist Books with Tate Research

    2009 Championship Artist 2009: All England Lawn Tennis Club

    2005 Muir Trust Artist-in-Residence: Buckinghamshire County Museum

    2002 Arts and Humanities Research Board Award for The Poetry Box

    2001 Stamps commissioned by The Royal Mail: The British Coast (also Centenary of the National Trust and the Centenary of Alfred Tennyson)

  • Selected Educational roles and consultancies

    Currently working as a Research Professor at CCW (Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon Colleges of Art), University of the Arts London

    Previous appointments include as Dean at Camberwell College of Arts (1989 -1997) and as Director of The Camberwell Press (1984 -1997).

    Panel and Board memberships include the Visual Arts Panel, Greater London Arts Association; Sci-Arts Panel, the Wellcome Institute; Mindroom; Rootstein Hopkins Foundation, the Centre for Art and Travel, National Maritime Museum and Associate Artists Scheme National Gallery, Academic Board of the Royal Drawing School.

  • Current PhD students

    • Ana Teles.
    • June Rowe, Sculpting Beauty; A Cultural Analysis of Mannequin Design and the Shaping of Fashionable Feminine Silhouettes.
    • Patricia Scott-Cumming, Socialising the Archive: Art and the Archival Encounters.
  • Public Collections

    Brigham University Utah, British Library, Buffalo University New York, Cambridge University Library, Esme Fairbairn Trust, Gleeson Library University of San Francisco, Government Art Collection, Graves Art Gallery Sheffield, Greater London Council, Haarlem Staadsbiblioteheek, Houghton Library Harvard, Imperial War Museum London, Kent County Council, The Library of Congress Washington DC, London Borough of Camden, National Library of Australia, Newberry Library Chicago, Nuffield Foundation, Penguin Art Collection, Rijksmuseum-Meermanno Hague, Royal Academy of Art London, Sheffield City Art Gallery, Stanford University, Tullie House City Museum Carlisle, Victoria and Albert Museum London, University of the Arts, London University of Guildford, University of Tulsa Oklahoma, Wake Forest University North Carolina, Williamson Art Gallery and Museum, Merseyside; Yale Centre for British Art